Announcing: 2017 Prices Reduced Based On Your Feedback

By November 22, 2016January 3rd, 2017Taste Vacations

Starting with our 2017 tours, Taste Vacations will be changing the cost of our tours.
We will reduce the average tour cost by $920 and the average cost per tour day by $153.

Earlier this year, we sent out a survey asking for your input on various aspects of Taste Vacations’ offerings as well as your own personal travel preferences. The result? We found you like our tour offerings and our focus on providing truly memorable, authentic experiences. However, you are more focused on these experiences than you are staying in a fancy hotel.

That is good news – because we feel the same way!

With our sister company Zephyr Adventures, we have been running active tours around the world for 19 years with a focus on the local culture. We have always chosen centrally located, high-quality hotels but avoided the five-star options because, frankly, there is a large premium for those options.

However, when we started Taste Vacations, we strayed from this philosophy thinking that those interested in our food and drink tours would prefer that extra luxury. That was our error as it didn’t really reflect who we are and, we now know, it doesn’t reflect who you are either.

What does this mean in practice? We will still be staying primarily in four star hotels, seeking out the local option that is centrally located and with excellent service. We will be dropping five-star options that simply raise the cost of our tours without a corresponding benefit. And we have even dropped a couple of tours (Napa Valley Wine and Kentucky Bourbon) where the costs of the location made the tour expensive no matter the hotel.

The result is that $920 drop in our average tour price.

We are excited to move forward with this new direction and promise that, although we have reduced the cost of our tours, the quality of our unforgettable vacations will remain at the highest standard.

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