We Are Hiring – Digital Marketing Manager

By July 19, 2022Taste Vacations

Big news! Taste Vacations (or more specifically our overarching travel company, Zephyr United Travel Collection) is hiring a new office employee to conduct the marketing for all three of our travel brands.

As you may know, Zephyr United is a small company. We currently have 4.5 full-time employees (including me), with one of those positions being left vacant by our Marketing Lead to pursue a new career path.

We are specifically looking for an individual who has marketing experience, preferably in the travel industry. The individual also needs to have an outgoing, caring, fun personality, as all our office staff also guide tours. The pay is not going to make you rich but the lifestyle benefits are superb. Plus, you can work where you live as we gave up our brick-and-mortar office long ago (way before the pandemic).

Do you know someone who might be interested? Please refer them to the job description and application form. Application deadline is August 10.

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