About our Affiliate Program

Taste Vacations offers an attractive affiliate program to select individuals and companies who we believe have a similar audience profile and quality standards.

Once approved to be part of the program, all you need to do is add our logo with specific tracking code to your website and, for increased effectiveness, refer to our tours in your blog, e-newsletters, or via direct email. Because our tours align with your audience’s interests anyway, your promotion is seen more as a recommendation than an advertisement.

For each lead that converts into a booking, we offer a 10% referral fee resulting in $330 to $600 per commission. Because many of our travelers go as a couple, doubling your commission, Taste Vacation affiliates can expect to receive much higher returns than your typical affiliate program.

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Program Details

  • Easy Sign Up Process
  • Once you are approved, we provide helpful promotion suggestions and materials
  • Your referrals become “leads” once someone requests information from our site
  • 10% referral commission on leads that convert into sales
  • Taste Vacations tracks your referrals, leads, and sales and will notify you as soon as someone has booked a tour
  • Commissions paid quarterly after completed tours
  • Affiliate cookies do not currently expire*

*We realize the decision to book a vacation is not an easy one. People might visit the Taste Vacation website many times before submitting a request for information (becoming a lead). We therefore have affiliate cookies set not to expire – with the intention being to give the affiliate credit – no matter the length of time that has passed.


Affiliate Profile

Who makes a great Taste Vacation Affiliate? We only select companies and individuals who are aligned with our interests and dedicated to the same high quality of output. Typical affiliates can include:

Food, Drink & Travel Bloggers

Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

Tour Companies

Restaurants, Sommeliers & Cicerones

Food & Drink Event Organizers


Apply To Become an Affiliate

All affiliate applications are subject to approval, and we ask that only relevant interested parties apply to become a Taste Vacations affiliate.

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