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We strongly believe that the best way to learn about a new place and its culture is through its cuisine. Our food tours provide an opportunity to learn about the role various foods have played in the local history, get hands-on training in cooking classes hosted by local chefs, and of course, taste new and delightful flavors.

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Food & Wine Tour

Visit one of the most iconic wine regions in the world! We’ll taste a wide range of Bordeaux wines from both the Left and Right Banks, visit several quaint, ancient villages, and savor delicious local cuisine.


Bordeaux Food & Wine Tour

Food & Wine Tour

It is hard to say whether Tuscany is better known for its food or its wine – which is why we explore both on this tour! Our days are filled with wine tastings, visits to local food producers, and even truffle hunting in the forests visited by few tourists.


Tuscany Food & Wine Tour

Food & Wine Tour

Sip, savor, and discover the diverse and complex flavors of Spain by exploring the history, culture, cuisine, and wine of two distinct regions – the Basque Country and Rioja. As a bonus, we’ll also take a day trip to a French town famous for its chocolates and macarons.


Spain Food & Wine Tour

Food Tour

Peru is known as the birthplace of culinary fusion. Its cuisine merges the influences of Spanish, African, Japanese, Chinese, and native Quechua culture. Spend 8 days exploring the complex, delicious dishes of this incredible country!
Peru Food Tour

North Carolina: Asheville
Food & Drink Tour

On this tour, we’ll explore the many different facets of “craft” via visits centered on chocolate, folk instruments, honey, beer, wine, ice cream, and farmers markets. We’ll meet with the men and women who create these incredible products to learn about – and of course, sample – their crafts, all in the shadow of the striking Blue Ridge Mountains.

North Carolina: Asheville Craft Tour