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Food, Wine, and Beer Travelers Prefer Experience to Luxury

(Red Lodge, MT) – Taste Vacations, a boutique tour company specializing in food, wine and beer travel, is pleased to announce a reduction in tour prices for 2017. The average tour cost will decrease by approximately $920, or $153 per day. Current tour offerings for 2017 include wine tours in Spain, Italy, Chile & Argentina, Sonoma County, and Washington State; beer tours in Belgium and Colorado; and food tours in Peru, Spain and Italy.

“When we first began Taste Vacations in 2014, we focused on luxury food, wine and beer experiences for our tour goers. However, after conducting a survey with our Taste Vacations alum and prospective travelers, we learned those interested in these taste-centered vacations are more focused on memorable and authentic cultural experiences, and less so on luxury hotels,” said Beth Peluse of Taste Vacations. “So, this year, we’re making changes to our tours by staying in less-costly, but still high-quality hotels. In doing so, we are able to pass the cost savings on to our travelers while focusing more on the cultural experiences that define our mission – to savor the world.”

Taste Vacations offers a limited number of “fixed date” public tours, open to everyone. Additionally, all vacations are also available as private tours with a choice of date. These experiences often include private wine tastings and dinners with winery owners, truffle hunting with famous agriculturists, and private tours of local food and drink producers, as well as personal blending sessions.

“We are excited to move forward with this new direction based on the feedback from travelers, and promise that although we have reduced the cost of our tours, the quality of our unforgettable vacations will remain at the highest standard,” added Peluse.

About Taste Vacations
Founded in 2014, Taste Vacations is a boutique tour company focusing on food, wine and beer experiences worldwide. The experienced tour operator offers both public and private vacations focusing on sensory, culinary experiences that highlight local cultures and regions. Taste Vacations is a sister-company of Zephyr Adventures, a 20-year active tour operator. For more information please visit