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Vaccine Passports Travel Well with Allan Wright

Vaccine Passports

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Welcome to Travel Well with Allan Wright!

In this week’s episode, Allan discusses vaccine passports and how the COVID vaccine will most likely be required to travel internationally – and even domestically in some cases.

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Is Your Travel Company Keeping You Safe

Is Your Travel Company Keeping You Safe?

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This past week I watched a webinar in which an airline representative touted its safety practices and implied there was almost no chance of getting COVID on an airplane. (Not true, even though airplanes are pretty safe.) I also received newsletters from a tour company competitor that didn’t even mention COVID, instead simply promoting travel as if the pandemic is over. Finally, I went to another tour company’s website to look at their COVID safety precautions and they are still lauding temperature checks as a way to keep people safe. If your travel company of choice (airline, car rental agency, hotel, tour operator) is not actively telling you what they will do to keep you safe, they are probably not going to actively keep you safe.

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