Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. The reason we are so keen on you having trip insurance is because it protects you if you have an unexpected change in travel plans.

Importance of Travel Insurance

Here is an example. Let’s assume you are signed up for a tour and hurt your leg a week before the trip. If you have no trip insurance, you will call us on the telephone and we will be very sad to tell you there is no refund – because our costs are mostly fixed and you might have displaced someone who otherwise could have gone on the tour. You might then be unhappy with us, even though you took the risk of not getting travel insurance.

If you do have trip insurance, you can receive your entire airfare and trip cost from the insurance company and can start planning for your next tour! And trip insurance need not be expensive, costing in the range of $60-$300 for most of our trips (depending on your age, trip cost and type of coverage).

Additionally, with the changes in health care laws (in the US), many health insurance programs no longer cover travel abroad or even, sometimes, out of your home state.

When to Purchase Travel Insurance

For some benefit options such as “cancel for any reason” or “existing medical conditions” you must purchase your policy within 14 days of booking your trip. For most trips, this will be the date you pay the deposit. However, if you sign up for a trip that has not yet met the minimum needed to run, your deposit may be considered a “good faith” deposit, and the date we confirm the tour will run will be your “booking date” for insurance purposes. Some providers only consider the original date of deposit payment so it is always best to confirm this.

COVID-19 and Travel Insurance

Insurance companies have been called out for not providing coverage for COVID-19. They often have small text in their agreement saying pandemics are not covered. So our advice is to carefully read the insurance details, consider purchasing “cancel for any reason” insurance, and to purchase travel insurance regardless as you would have in the past – for other unforeseen issues. Remember that if we cancel a tour, you will get your money back but travel insurance covers you when you need to cancel a tour.

Travel Insurance Recommendations

Read our Tips On Buying Travel Insurance That Is Right For You. In a nutshell, our advice is to quickly enter your information into the forms with the insurance companies below so you can compare rates. Basic insurance for each plan generally covers cancellation due to injury or illness, which covers most cases. However, if you have a pre-existing condition you will probably need to upgrade to a higher plan. “Cancel for any reason” options are usually only available at the highest plan levels but give you more security. Remember to use the date we confirmed the trip as your initial deposit date.

MHRoss offers instant quotes with two or three tiers of plans. All three plans insure against unforeseen illness or injury, which is the most common reason for cancellation. The Platinum tier offers “cancel for any reason” reimbursement of up to 75% of your costs.  However, this plan is not always offered. If calling by phone (888-493-5378) please reference this code which applies to all brands (Taste Vacations, Travel Montana and Zephyr Adventures) under the Zephyr United Travel Collection: ZEPHEXPLMT. (Available for US residents only.)

Allianz Travel insurance will honor the date the tour is confirmed to run as the booking date. There are a myriad of confusing options but the lowest-price Essential plan covers the basics of domestic travel, the Basic plan covers the basics of all travel including pre-existing conditions, and the Classic Plan With Cancel Anytime has that added security. If calling by phone (855-524-3687) please reference Zephyr Adventures, ACCAM #F205092. (Available for US residents only.)  This is a consolidator that can easily sort and compare plans, prices and benefits from top rated companies after you enter your trip details.

  Have questions about travel insurance? We recommend reaching out to the individual travel insurance company as they are continuously updating their offerings.