We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

The reason we are so keen on you having trip insurance is because it protects you if there are unexpected changes in your travel plans. Here is an example: Let’s assume you are signed up for a tour and hurt your leg a week before the trip. If you have no trip insurance, you will call us on the telephone and we will be very sad to tell you there is no refund – because our costs are mostly fixed and you might have displaced someone who otherwise could have gone on the tour.

If you do have trip insurance, you receive your entire airfare and trip cost from the insurance company and can start planning for your next tour! And trip insurance need not be expensive, costing in the range of $60-300 for most of our trips (depending on your age, trip cost and type of coverage). Additionally, with the changes in health care laws (in the US), many health insurance programs no longer cover travel abroad or even, sometimes, out of your home state.

TripAssure LogoFor information about Trip Cancellation Insurance, please contact insurance companies directly. We can recommend TripAssure (formerly MH Ross), one of the industry leaders. You can either click on the logo or here to get a quote. TripAssure insurance is available for US residents only. Please contact us for alternative insurance information if you live outside of the US.