Spain travel tips know before you go

Spain Travel Tips: Know Before You Go

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Spaniards are passionate about living the good life. Long, lingering meals, exquisite wines, and even afternoon siestas are ingrained in Spanish culture. Who wouldn’t love traveling through Spain? To give you a little background and to help you have the most enjoyable trip possible, check out a few factors that are useful to know before you go:

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Shoulder Season Travel

Advantages of Shoulder Season Travel

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shoulder season noun: a travel season between peak and off-peak seasons, typically in the spring and fall.

At Taste Vacations, we tend to book our public group tours during the shoulder season of popular destinations whenever we can.  Even when planning my own personal travel, I research when the peak, off-peak, and shoulder seasons are for the destination I’m interested in. I typically end up scheduling it during the shoulder season dates, if the timing works out.

But why do this? Check out a few advantages to planning your vacation during shoulder season:

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Why We Love Sonoma County

Why We Love Sonoma County

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We absolutely love Sonoma County and relish sharing this gem of a wine destination with others.  We are pretty confident that once you visit, you’ll fall in love too.

Why We Love Sonoma County

Beautiful Sonoma County is well known for its laid back vibe,  authentic-feeling wine experiences, and adorable wine country towns. In fact, Healdsburg (where our hotel is located) is so cute that it is listed as No. 2 “Best Small Town to Visit in U.S.” by Smithsonian Magazine.

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Single Supplement - The Taste Vacations Difference

Single Supplement – The Taste Vacations Difference

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We love chatting with people interested in our vacations and are happy to answer any and all questions about our tours. A question that comes up fairly frequently is about our single supplement policy. We thought it would help to go over it in a little more detail.

Taste Vacations’ Single Supplement Policy:
Our trip prices are based on double occupancy (two people per room). If you are coming on a public group trip solo, we will find you a roommate of the same gender. If you prefer to have a room to yourself and not have a roommate, you can pay the single supplement — which varies depending on the trip and is listed on the individual trip page — to do so. (The only time our single supplement becomes mandatory is if you are booking a private tour and there is an odd number of people.)

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Pisco Sour

Pisco Sours – A Rivalry For The Best National Cocktail

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Pisco sours are a source of great national pride (and rivalry!) for two South American countries – Peru and Chile.  Pisco sours are thick and foamy cocktails made by combining pisco (a distilled grape brandy) with lime juice, simple syrup, and an egg white – topped with a few dashes of Angostura bitters. There has been a long-standing, heated debate on which country pisco sours originated from.

Peru claims that the cocktail was first made in Lima around 100 years ago while Chile holds strong that they were the first to issue commercial trademarks and legal recognition of the spirit. The regulations for what constitutes “pisco” in Peru and Chile both overlap and differ making things more complicated. Peruvian pisco has much stricter regulations while there are some leniences with Chilean pisco.

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