Sonoma Wine and Walking Tour

Pairing Wine With Walking – Sonoma County In The Fall

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Wine is almost always produced in beautiful, bucolic locations.  So why settle for driving to a winery, doing a tasting, buying a few bottles, and moving on? We think you should pause, take in your surroundings, talk to the people responsible for the end product, learn the history of the place, and then head inside or out on a patio to taste the wine. We assure you that your tasting will have more meaning due to the context you’ve just been given.

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Wine Tasting at Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Minds

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Each year the Taste Vacations team gathers in person at our annual meeting to strategize and plan (and taste!) for the coming year. We are a 100% virtual company so meeting in person is not only a great way to discuss the growth of the business but also to catch up and have some fun with our co-workers.

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How to make a proper yerba mate

How to Make A Proper Yerba Mate

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If you are traveling through Argentina, you will most likely come across someone sipping through a metal straw out of a gourd-shaped cup. This is yerba mate – the tea that is said to be preferred over coffee by Argentinians 6:1. In fact, yerba mate is the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil. It is made from steeping the dried leaves of the South American holly plant and is chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and a healthy dose of caffeine.

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Traveling Light - How To Pack In Just A Carry On

Traveling Light – How To Pack In Just A Carry On

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There are many advantages to traveling with just carry on luggage: not having to deal with an airline losing your checked luggage which in turn makes a big impact on the relaxing, enjoyable vacation you had planned; not having to lug around a 50lb suitcase that makes it hard to switch plans quickly, let alone, walk down a cobblestone street; and even having the opportunity to save money by not paying the airline to check your bag.

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