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How to Travel to a Country Where You Don't Know the Language

How to Travel to a Country Where You Don’t Know the Language

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In order to see everything the world has to offer, you are most likely going to travel to countries where you don’t speak the same language. To some people, the thought of this might be paralyzing and cause them not to explore some really incredible countries.

But don’t let the language barrier stop you, it is completely worth it to push yourself out of your comfort zone and go. You would be surprised how much you can communicate, especially with the help of today’s technology.

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Tourist or Traveler?

So Which One Are You – Tourist or Traveler?

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If you look up the definitions of tourist and traveler in the dictionary, you’ll get very similar definitions.
/to͝orəst/ noun a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.

/ˈtrav(ə)lər/ noun a person who is traveling or who often travels.

But to me, there is a significant difference between the two words. Tourists visit new places, typically larger cities, in order to take in the most popular sights, eat at the most well-known restaurants, and return home with suitcases full of trinkets – basically unchanged. Travelers, on the other hand, seek out more authentic experiences, immerse themselves into the local culture, and return home with a wider view of the world and perhaps a better understanding of themselve

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What to do in Spain

Extend Your Vacation: What to do in Spain

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We are all about maximizing your time in a new destination as you never know if you’ll have the chance to go back. Because of this, we like to provide recommendations of additional ideas of what to do in and around our tour locations. This time around, we’ve provided a list of what do to either before or after our Spain Food & Wine Tour.

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Small Group Tour

The Overlooked Benefits of a Small Group Tour

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You may think that personally planning every last detail of your upcoming vacation is the best way to have a memorable vacation. Or you may only think of the massive get-on-the-bus-get-off-the-bus trips when you hear the words “group tour”. But there is one type of trip that can often be overlooked – the small group tour.

Small group tours provide a number of benefits over trying to plan a whole vacation on your own and certainly offer a more intimate and engaging experience than the 50 person plus group tours.

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