No Need For Anxiety – Group Travel For Introverts

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Group Travel for Introverts

Traveling for introverts can be daunting – even if you have a passion for experiencing new things and seeing new destinations.  Not everyone has close friends or family that share their love of travel which for some people can be a pretty big roadblock to seeing the world. Completely solo travel for introverts can be quite overwhelming and uncomfortable – but there is another way – group travel!

I know, I know, there is a certain connotation to group travel – 50+ person tour buses rolling up to tourist attractions, tour guides raising up their umbrellas or flags as they lead their horde into an already crowded area, unauthentic meals and massive hotels that can accommodate large groups of people, etc. And frankly, there are still tour companies that fit that mold.

Group travel for introverts

But the more accessible travel has become, the more group tour companies such as ourselves, have adapted our offerings to be more inclusive, flexible, and honestly, enjoyable for everyone involved.  Focusing on only taking small group tours (usually around 4 – 14 people) already helps the group dynamic so that an introvert doesn’t feel either like they are getting lost in the crowd or exhausted from constantly being around so many people.

Additionally, if you choose the right tour company and itinerary, there will be free time built into the schedule so that you have time to step away to either explore on your own or just head back to your hotel room to rest and recharge.

Small Group Tours

And typically, given small group dynamics, there usually isn’t a large group of friends traveling together. There are more likely to be other solo travelers or pairs of travelers, which makes it easier to genuinely connect with others and not feel like you are just tagging along.

Travel for introverts doesn’t have to be anxiety-filled. Do your research and consider joining up with a small group tour that fits your needs.


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