Foodies Live Healthier Lives

By September 21, 2015December 7th, 2015Taste Vacations
Foodies Live Healthier Lives

The term “foodie” generally refers to someone who seeks out new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.  Not only are we at Taste Vacations foodies ourselves, but we down right celebrate foodie culture. We relish in the novel and unique, get excited by the decadent and unexpected, and live for the innovative and bizarre.   However, foodies sometimes get a bad rap from those that merely think of food as sustenance rather than an adventure for your senses. There is a general assumption that foodies tend to over indulge in all kinds of rich, calorie-heavy cuisines and therefore, might not have the healthiest of habits. But according to a study conducted by Cornell University, this assumption is completely wrong.

The researchers looked at the correlation between adventurous/non-adventurous eating and various health factors such as BMI, lifestyle choices, and psychological elements. They found that  those that are more open to trying different foods led healthier lives. Adventurous eaters had lower BMIs, and were more likely to be concerned about the healthfulness of food, be physically active, cook to connect with their heritage, and host friends for dinner, when compared to non-adventurous eaters

Check out this quick video by Cornell’s Dr. Brian Wasnik, co-author of the study and the director of Cornell’s Food and Brand lab:

So we say, keep your adventurous foodie ways! Keep exploring the new, the unique, and the weird – you’ll not only be saving yourself from the mundane and boring, but from unhealthy choices as well!

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