Delectable & Delightful: Taste Vacations’ Annual Meeting

By January 22, 2016Taste Vacations
Taste Vacations Annual Meeting

Taste Vacations TeamThe Taste Vacations team recently returned from their annual planning meeting with our sister company, Zephyr Adventures, in beautiful Red Lodge, Montana.   Taste Vacations is a 100% virtual company, meaning all of our employees are scattered across the country working from various home office locations. We gathered for a productive week of work, fun, and of course, delicious food and drink while staying in a newly renovated historic home located in the heart of the adorable mountain town. During our time together, we engaged in a beer tasting dinner and tortilla-making demonstration at a local taco joint called, Mas Taco, and had fun testing our wine knowledge with a blind wine tasting. On our last night together, we arranged for Chef Chris Lockhart, of the soon-to-be-opening Ox Pasture, to prepare a magnificent private dinner.

We enjoyed observing anTaste Vacations Private Chef Dinnerd chatting with Chris, and his lovely wife Gina, while he prepared our delicious multi-course meal.  He utilized a variety of interesting cooking techniques, including sous-vide, where he placed beets in vacuum-sealed plastic bags and submerged them into a temperature-controlled water bath. Sous-vide is a very useful technique because it gives the chef a very high level of control over the texture of the finished dish while eliminating any chance of over- or undercooking it.  It is typically used for meat or fish, but Chris expertly utilized this method with the delicious beets that were used in a few of the dishes, including the delightfully pink goat cheese and beet balls featured above.  The meal and the company who shared it made for a satisfying and amusing evening.

We left our annual meeting happy, well-fed, and energized for the year to come.





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