How to Do a Proper Tapas Crawl

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How to do a proper tapas crawl

As many people know, tapas are popular Spanish dining style made up of a variety of hot and cold dishes that combine to make a full meal. In Spain, it is not uncommon to gather a group of friends together and go out on a tapas bar crawl, much like a regular bar crawl, where you visit several tapas bars in one night, ordering a different dish and drink at each one.

Taste Vacations’ guide, Jenny Siddall, is a Brit living in the beautiful wine region of Rioja, Spain.  She’s not only an expert in wine, but she can also tell you how to organize your own proper tapas crawl. Check out her tips below:

Stand and eat at the bar. 
The general rule is to have one tapa and one drink and then to move on to the next bar. Tapas is not a seated, comfortable affair but rather a mobile feast!

Be adventurous.
A tapas crawl is a great way to try different wines and tasty morsels, so don’t be timid! It’s a perfect time to try a dish you’ve never had before.

Ask your server what their specialty is. 
Each tapas bar has its own speciality, whether that be Jamón Iberico, wild mushrooms, stuffed peppers, anchovies or seafood.  Some tapas are freshly cooked for you and others are displayed on the bar top.

A good team strategy is essential. 
Nominate someone to be the banker. This person will order and pay while the rest of the team helps pass out the drinks and looks for an open spot a the bar to eat your tapas.  Typically, you will pay after you have finished eating.  How the barman remembers what you have had is the biggest mystery to me! You may want to ask if you can pay right after you’ve ordered to make it simpler and so that you can leave whenever you’ve finished your tapa.

Not only are tapas crawls a great way to try new things, but they are also a fun way to experience the Spanish culture and nightlife. ¡Buen provecho!

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