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By January 9, 2017Travel Tips
Vacation Planning

Ever get home from a vacation only to feel like you need another week to recover from it? You have every intention of fully relaxing and enjoying every second of your trip … but somehow with trying to get from place to place with all your luggage on your own, figuring out what you actually want to do while there, and wishing you had planned out more details ahead of time, you end up exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you had a wonderful and memorable vacation. But there is another way of taking a trip that takes away the stress of trying to organize all the details on your own. Next time try leaving the vacation planning to a travel professional.  Whether it’s through a tour operator on a set itinerary or a more customized trip through a travel agent, leaving the details to those whose job is to plan an amazing vacation for you will allow you to truly relax and fully enjoy something that you’ve most likely been looking forward to for months!

Reasons to leave the vacation planning to the professionals:

  • Save time Time is money and you can spend hours researching various aspects of your vacation on the Internet and still feel like you don’t have a good idea of what you want to do, where to stay, or where to eat. Save some time by letting a travel professional figure it out for you.  If you have your heart set on going to a specific restaurant or seeing a specific sight, let them know and they’ll be happy to build that into your itinerary.
  • Knowing where to go A lot of times we take vacations to explore new destinations. But unless you know a local that can show you around, you may not know the best places to visit while you’re there. Sure, you can do your own research ahead of time, but you may only be able to find the more touristy spots.  A travel professional has the knowledge and the connections to create a vacation for you that you may not have even known was possible.
  • Leaving the details to the pros Sit back and relax. When working with a travel professional, they’ll take care of making any reservation you might need including hotel, dinner, or excursions. All you have to worry about is showing up and enjoying yourself, instead of keeping track of every little detail you may or may not have thought about ahead of time.
  • Troubleshooting Sometimes things just don’t go as planned which isn’t always a bad thing.  But for the times when a major hiccup occurs during your vacation like a missed flight or a hurricane is heading your way, it’s great to know you have someone in your corner to help you work through your options. When on a group tour or when working with a travel agent, you have a fallback person that will help you figure out what needs to happen next and when possible, complete whatever task needs to occur.
  • Save money Tour operators and travel agents a lot of the time can get you better rates than if you just booked something on your own.  This is due to the travel professionals having existing relationships with local businesses or getting a discount because of bringing in a group of people rather than just you and your travel buddy.

Next time you’re planning your vacation, remove the stress of figuring out every little detail and contact a travel professional.

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