Annual Meeting of the Minds

By February 8, 2018February 11th, 2018Taste Vacations
Wine Tasting at Annual Meeting

Each year the Taste Vacations team gathers in person at our annual meeting to strategize and plan (and taste!) for the coming year.  We are a 100% virtual company so meeting in person is not only a great way to discuss the growth of the business but also to catch up and have some fun with our co-workers.

This year we met up in our owner and founder’s hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is known as “the city nestled between the mountains and reality” – and for good reason! If you’ve never visited, it’s a lively mountain town set in the beautiful Flatirons and is chocked full of craft breweries and innovative restaurants.


Brewer's Association

For work, we held many productive internal meetings, discussing and planning out the year’s tours (stay tuned, we have new itineraries up our sleeves!). We also had an engaging meeting with the Brewers Association where we learned about the state of the brewing industry and beer tourism and even had a chance to taste a few beers from their company bar.

Taste Vacations Annual Meeting

For fun, we made time for a few hikes to get us outside in the gorgeous outdoors, giving us a chance to stretch our legs and soak up some beautiful bluebird sky days. We also enjoyed a blind wine tasting at home, visited a few tasty local breweries, and took turns cooking delicious, homemade meals for the team.

The week was a perfect mix of business and pleasure – making it a very productive and enjoyable trip! We’re now back in our individual home offices, hitting the ground running and feeling motivated for the upcoming year.

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