When Is The Best Time To Go To Italy?

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Italy

Italy is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, remarkable cuisine, and delectable wines, it’s not hard to see why. Our tour operations team gets asked quite frequently – when is the best time to go to Italy?

In our opinion, the best time to go to Italy is in April, May, September, or October, during the shoulder seasons. We typically schedule our small group public tours during the shoulder seasons of the destinations we visit. We do this for several reasons – mostly due to weather, cost, and not wanting to have to share such fabulous locales with a lot of other tourists. Italy’s high season is considered to be June – July.

Clear blue skies - when is the best time to go to Italy

The Weather

Looking specifically at Tuscany, the average high temperature in Tuscany in April and May is a moderate 68 degrees Farenheit while in September and October the average is only a few degrees warmer. Evenings are nice, with low temperatures of an average 53 – 60 degrees. It also averages only 7 – 8 days of rain during these months. So while you might get a few showers, your chances are excellent for good weather. Just imagine, relaxing at an outdoor cafe in a piazza with a warm, gentle breeze blowing against your skin.

Euros - when is the best time to go to Italy

The Cost

Like most larger tourist areas, the cost of visiting goes up during the high season. You can expect to pay significantly more for hotel accommodations and airfare during those times. In addition, to the typical high season, you’ll also want to pay attention to certain holidays. Easter, Christmas, New Year’s, The Epiphany, and Carnivale (in Venice) all drive higher prices as well.

Trevi Fountain - Best Time To Go To Italy

The Crowds

Since Italy is on almost everyone’s bucket list, the crowds during high season can be a real hinderance. Though we recommend getting off the beaten path at least once a trip, you, of course, want to see some of the iconic attractions of Italy. You can expect crowds like the one pictured above at the Trevi Fountain in Rome at most other tourist spots, including the Tower of Pisa, Florence’s piazzas, the Colleseum, and more. Not only is it unpleasant to have to jockey around all those people, it is also prime hunting grounds for pick pockets.

Join us on our Tuscany Food & Wine Tour and experience the benefits of shoulder season travel to Italy for yourself!

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