The Future of Travel in the time of COVID-19

By June 2, 2020Travel Tips
The Future of Travel Webinar
Is it safe to travel now? What will travel look like in the future?

Everyone is interested to know the answers to these questions.


As we’ve been making decisions on canceling or postponing tours and creating safety procedures for when tours resume, Taste Vacations’ founder and owner, Allan Wright, dove into a massive amount of research of all things travel and COVID-19 pandemic. The result was a useful compendium of information on travel during the pandemic. We presented this information to any and all travelers in a free webinar. Check out a quick summary of the webinar below:

Watch the full replay!

The full webinar covers the following topics:

  • How does current information on viral transmission affect travel?
  • Is it safe to travel now?
  • What’s the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry?
  • What’s the travel industry doing now to keep you safe?
  • Allan’s eight predictions about the future of travel.

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Watch The Webinar

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