Travel Well With Allan Wright: Airline Safety Part 1 (Ep. 6)

By July 17, 2020September 25th, 2020Travel Well Series
Travel Well Airline Safety

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Travel Well with Allan Wright!

This week Allan takes a look at airline safety. He discusses the latest data from MIT and which airlines are the safest to travel with right now.

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Can’t watch the video right now? Here’s the video transcript of Airline Safety – Episode 6:

Hi, this is Allan Wright. Welcome to Travel Well with Allan video update.  Today I’d like to talk about airlines. A few months ago, we ran a couple of webinars that talked about the coronavirus and travel. When we referred to airline travel the answer about the risk was –  it depends. It depends on a few factors including the length of the flights, whether people are sitting right next to you on the plane, and whether everybody on that plane is wearing masks or not. And that’s still true today.

But the good news is that the airline industry association here in the United States has come out with a statement saying that all airline members are requiring masks on flights in the United States. That’s a positive, strong move.

Equally important is that just recently an MIT study on the risks of airline travel specifically relating to the blocking of middle seats has come out and said that there’s a 34 % decrease in your risk of getting the coronavirus if an airline blocks middle seats.  Also important is that your risk in that case is one in 7700. That’s not a huge risk. And in fact, one MIT professor correlated that with the risk of getting the virus just by doing your everyday activities at home.

However, the hitch is that not all airlines are blocking middle seats. Alaska Delta Southwest and JetBlue are all blocking seats through September and possibly will expose will be extended through the end of the year. However, United and American are not.

If it were me, and it will be me, I would not fly with an airline that does not block the middle seats.

I hope that helps, Travel Well!

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