Travel Well With Allan Wright: Safety Precautions for Travel (Ep. 10)

Travel Well Safety Precautions for Travel

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Travel Well with Allan Wright!

In this week’s episode, Allan discusses safety precautions to take into consideration when choosing which businesses to work with when planning your travel during the pandemic. He provides an example of an all-inclusive resort in the Catskills, the Winter Clove Inn & Resort, that is doing it well and creating a safe but fun environment for their travelers.

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Can’t watch the video right now? Here’s the video transcript of Safety Precautions for Travel – Episode 10:

Hi, my name is Allan Wright. Welcome to the Travel Well with Allan video update.

Today, I would like to talk to you about one business in the travel industry that’s doing things right in the pandemic. My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Winter Clove Inn, an all-inclusive resort, in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Now they’re doing things right in a number of different ways.

Number One: Their website has a banner about covid at the very top and it leads you to a detailed page on their policies and restrictions to keeping people safe.

Number Two: Masks. They have a sign outside requiring everyone to wear a mask in all public areas indoors and they comply with this themselves by having the staff always wearing masks.

Number Three: Sleeping rooms. There is no room service and which means that nobody’s going into your room at all. You can get towel delivery but you know that nobody’s entering your room while you’re staying there. In addition, they let those rooms stand empty for 48 hours after each use.

Number Four: Dining tables are separated as required and capacity is limited in their indoor dining room. However, more importantly they have outdoor dining available and this is not just sort of a secondary option if you don’t want to be sitting indoors but it’s the same service and the same food located right near the main dining room just outside on the veranda or in the garden.

Number Five: Activities. There is no sharing of sports equipment there so they have a tennis court and a golf course but you have to bring your own equipment. They also have an indoor bowling alley and an indoor fitness room. Those are closed.

Number Six: The little things. They have pen jars at the front desk marked clean and
used they have signs on the porch chairs saying they have either been cleaned or recently used.
Now those aren’t maybe super important in reducing the infection transmission but they do provide confidence to everybody who’s staying at the resort.

Sydney and I got to stay there free and I want to be clear about that. We were checking it out for a possible future family tour in new york next summer. However, I can highly recommend the Winter Clove Inn. I loved it, not because of all these safety items, those are just what made it possible. We loved the outdoor activities, the pool, the playground, the tennis court, and the on-site hiking and we love the all-inclusive meals because it meant we didn’t have to go anywhere and deal with other business’ restrictions. We got to know that we would be on site
the entire time during our stay. So I can highly recommend the Winter Clove Inn.

And more importantly, the point is – this is just one business that is a good example of why you don’t have to cancel your vacation plans for this summer. You can still get out there and do safe travel.

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