Travel Well With Allan Wright: Testing for International Travel (Ep. 13)

By September 11, 2020October 23rd, 2020Travel Well Series
Travel Well Testing for International Travel

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the Travel Well with Allan Wright!

In this week’s episode, Allan discusses the eight countries that are allowing in U.S. citizens without restrictions and the 35 countries allowing U.S. citizens in but only after meeting testing or quarantine requirements. Additionally, Allan provides an option for getting quick 48-hour spit testing so that if you are inclined to travel right now, you can do so more safely.

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Can’t watch the video right now? Here’s the video transcript of Testing for International Travel – Episode 13:

Hi, welcome to the Travel Well with Allan video update. Last week, we talked about a cruise line that is doing immediate on-site testing to allow their mega cruises to go. Today. I’d like to talk about another step in the right direction of testing and allowing travel to proceed.

Four months ago, in May, we gave a webinar with Monica Ferguson in which we predicted the decline in the value of the U.S passport due to our poor response to the coronavirus. Well, that has happened.

We’re currently banned from traveling to most countries around the world including our neighbor Canada. CNN has an updated list that has eight countries that will accept Americans right now without restrictions. Most of those are countries that aren’t really hot travel destinations.

However, another 35 countries will allow Americans with restrictions, some of those a simple negative test for the coronavirus. That includes some more desirable destinations like Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, and Tanzania.

In that same webinar four months ago, I predicted it wouldn’t be a vaccine that changes the travel status, it would be accurate immediate testing. And we’ve moved another step in that direction a private company called Covid Consultants has stepped in to offer 48-hour turnaround spit testing for $219. So they overnight you a test kit you spit in, and you overnight it back and within 48 hours which is enough to be qualified for most other countries negative tests. You have got your results, you get a negative test, you can go travel.

The weird thing is we’re letting some company do this in a very difficult way via two overnight mail options rather than doing what I had predicted four months ago which is let’s just do this at the airport before departure.

Unfortunately, we’re not there yet but nevertheless this does make it possible for those of you wanting to do an international vacation to do so. Now keep in mind there are still risks. One of those is that you might get sick when you’re abroad and then you have to deal with the coronavirus there.

So at the moment I’m not exactly pushing for international travel. I think that we’re still doing fine doing local staycations and domestic travel but in 2021 this is going to continue to develop and I do believe that we will be traveling again soon.

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