Travel Well With Allan Wright: 2021 Vacation Ideas (Ep. 18)

By October 16, 2020October 23rd, 2020Travel Well Series
2021 Vacation Ideas

Welcome to the eighteenth episode of the Travel Well with Allan Wright!

In this week’s episode, Allan looks at a few survey results in the travel industry in regard to where people are looking to travel in 2021. As expected, domestic travel will be popular but there are a few surprising destinations included.

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Can’t watch the video right now? Here’s the video transcript of 2021 Vacation Ideas – Episode 18:

Hi, this is Allan Wright. Welcome to the Travel Well with Allan video update. Today, I’d like to talk about 2021 travel and potential destinations. There are a lot of prognostications coming out right now by experts but the things that seem common in all those forecasts are that demand for domestic travel will be much higher than normal and demand for outdoors location will also be high. That seems pretty safe to me and so I’d like to go over a couple of surveys, three in fact that I saw recently.

The first I can’t remember where I saw it and it was only listing the most popular states for 2021 inquiries for travel and what was notable about that was that Alaska and Montana were added to the list recently and had normally not been on the top list of states. That makes sense with outdoors travel.

The second survey comes from Travel Leaders Group which is a travel agency group and this was from their online inquiries. They had National Parks, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, California, and “anywhere uncrowded”. That makes a lot of sense. That list jives nicely with this idea of outdoor domestic locations.

The third survey was from Air BnB and these were searches on their site they had for domestic locations: Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Breckenridge, Colorado, Davenport, Florida, which I don’t know Palm Springs, California, and Tulum, Mexico. So all smaller places with access to the outdoors for the most part.

So a final survey, it’s not even a survey, it was more a list created by Lonely Planet. It’s their ultimate travel list and now this is a list that frankly I don’t think we’re going to be using much for 2021 but maybe it would give us a little hope for the future. Their list includes: Petra in Jordan, Galapagos in Ecuador, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia, the Okavango
Delta in Angola, Yellowstone National Park, Lake Bled, Slovenia, the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Angkor and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – I’ll have to look that one up – and the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

Interestingly, the only domestic location they include in their ultimate travel list is Yellowstone National Park and that jives nicely, dovetails with our upcoming announcement about our new Montana Vacation Company. So more on that soon but hopefully this video update will give you a little bit of hope for 2021 travel.

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