Tales of a Beer Hunter in Belgium

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Beer Hunting in Belgium

“In Belgium, a beer hunter can never rest on his barstool.”

This past August, beer hunter and writer, Joe Wiebe, joined us on a thrilling hunt for the best beer in Belgium.  His account of his journey, Beer Hunting in Belgium, is being featured in this month’s TAPS Beer Magazine.

Though the active trip Joe went on was with our sister company, Zephyr Adventures, the Taste Vacation Belgium Beer tour makes similar stops in the top beer cities and villages in the country – Brussels, Boullion, Ghent, Watou, Brugge, and more. The difference between the two tours is that we don’t participate in the active portion of the trip Joe describes (hiking and biking), and focus on the local culture, food, and, of course, beer.

Set out on your own beer hunt on the Taste Vacations Belgium Beer Tour  July 26 – August 1, 2015, or gather your friends and make it a private tour on a date of your choosing.



Belgium Top Beer Tourism Destination

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Belgium is the number one destination for beer tourism in the world, according to the Vancouver Sun in British Columbia, which just posted an article on Belgium and its beers.

Joe Wiebe, the writer, attended one of our tours there last summer. Although he writes in the article that he attended a Taste Vacations’ tour, he actually attended our sister company Zephyr Adventures’ active Belgium Hike, Bike, & Beer Adventure.

No matter – if you are interested in taking a beer vacation, the article does a good job of giving you that flavor. Please consider joining us on either our Taste Vacations or Zephyr Adventures Belgium tours in 2015:

Taste Vacations Belgium Beer Tour: July 26 – August 1, 2015: This tour does not have the biking and hiking and so focuses on the local culture, food, and beer. We agree with Joe that Belgium is the top destination for beer tourism and this is the only beer tour on our schedule. You can book your own private tour on any date you choose with a minimum of six people.

Zephyr Adventures Belgium Hike, Bike, & Beer Adventure: August 30 – September 5, 2015: This trip combines beer, hiking, and biking but is suitable for most activity levels. The trip ends in Brussels just prior to one of the biggest beer festivals in the world, the Belgian Beer Weekend, so you can combine an awesome tour with an incredible consumer fest.

Photo is from Joe Wiebe and the Vancouver Sun. Brussels’ Restobières features a gourmet menu where beer is an ingredient in every dish.