Extend Your Vacation: What to do in Spain

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What to do in Spain

We are all about maximizing your time in a new destination as you never know if you’ll have the chance to go back. Because of this, we like to provide recommendations of additional ideas of what to do in and around our tour locations. This time around, we’ve provided a list of what do to either before or after our Spain Food & Wine Tour

What to do in Spain:

Visit Ribera del Duero

Visit Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero cuts east-west along the Duero river, just a few hours south of Rioja and is home to the increasingly popular Ribera reds. Though the wine is becoming more popular, the region itself is fairly undiscovered. There aren’t many tourists in the area and you’ll need to make tasting appointments ahead of time (which you can do so online, just make sure you are booking an English-speaking tour if you don’t speak Spanish!), but the experience is definitely worth it. In addition to the incredible wine, you’ll also want to try the local specialty, lechazo asado, a lamb dish is roasted in “hornos de leña” (wooden stoves).

San Sebastian - Foodie Heaven!

See More of San Sebastian

We do visit San Sebastian on our tour but due to timing, we only have a chance to give you a taste of how cool this city is. Known as a foodie’s heaven, you will find no shortage of amazing places to dine. Explore the Parte Viaje neighborhood’s old-world narrow streets, chock full of quirky shops and Pintxos (tapas) bars.  Take in the city and sea views from the top of Monte Urgull, either by foot on the pleasantly winding paths or by funicular. Stroll along the boardwalk of La Concha Beach or rent a chair and umbrella and relax on the pristine sands.


Hike the Camino de Santiago

Hike (a portion of) the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is actually a series of pilgrimage routes all converging on the city of Santiago de Compostela that have been traveled by seekers and adventurers for millennia. Hiking the full “Camino” usually takes about 32 – 35 days to complete from start to finish, without counting a few days here or there to rest.  But you can still experience the ancient pilgrimage route for yourself without hiking the entire Camino.  If you are looking to add about another week to your vacation, check out Zephyr Self-guided Adventures where they provide you with maps and directions and arrange your nightly accommodations throughout the trail. The Camino actually has many routes to choose from but since you’ll be in northern Spain already, we would suggest the route called Camino Frances.

Basque Country - Bayonne, France

Explore the French Side of Basque Country in Bayonne, France

Not far from the border, this cute French town is definitely a contrast from Spain, yet it is still very Basque. While in Bayonne, stroll along the charming a riverfront, pop into a variety of local shops and cafes on the pedestrian-only Rue d’Espagne, or explore Les Halles, a covered market in the center of town. Learn even more about the Basque Country culture by visiting the Basque Museum or explore the Bayonne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a stop on the Camino de Santiago.


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