Travel Well With Allan Wright: Traveler Safety Survey (Ep. 2)

By June 19, 2020June 26th, 2020Travel Well Series
Travel Well With Allan - Traveler Safety Survey

Welcome to the second episode of the Travel Well with Allan Wright! This episode discusses the results of a Traveler Safety Survey conducted by Destination Analysts. Allan also provides considerations to take into account if you decide to travel during the pandemic.

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Can’t watch the video right now? Here’s the video transcript of Traveler Safety Survey – Episode 2:


Hi, my name is Allan Wright. This is the second Travel Well with Allan video update. Today we’re going to talk about what you, the traveling public, think is safe and unsafe in travel and what you plan to do to keep yourself safe. We have two graphics from Destination Analysts.


The first graphic shows what you think is unsafe in the various components of a trip. And you can see that in that big circle in the center you’ve got traveling by public transport at 60% and then down the lower-left traveling on board the airplane at 56%. That more or less corresponds with our analysis as well but really there’s a caveat which is that it depends on whether or not that vehicle or the airline is requiring people to wear masks and keeps people separated from you without seating someone right next to you.


Up in the upper right corner, corresponding with our own analysis is that staying in a hotel and staying in an Air B&B is relatively low risk because there’s little face-to-face interaction that has to happen down that lower right, I would actually put visiting an indoor attraction and visiting the restaurant higher especially because in a restaurant if you are indoors you’re going to be exposed when people are eating and by definition won’t be wearing a mask.


The next graphic is one that shows what you, the traveling public, will be doing to keep yourself safe. And you can see that hand sanitizer and social distancing are the top two. And then avoiding crowds, wearing a face mask.


Interestingly 6% of the public says they won’t do anything but I think the real story here is that at least a third of respondents won’t do any one of these you choose. So that means a third of people will not be social distancing and 43% will not be wearing a face mask.


Two critical components of keeping safe so the takeaway from this graphic is that you need to be paying attention to your travel bubble, staying with people that you know or who you know will be following the same safety guidelines that you are and that could be in an airplane when that airplane requires people to wear masks or that could be in a tour group when you know that tour company is keeping people safe and requiring people to do the same sort of procedures.


Hopefully, this helps! That was Travel Well with Allan

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